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Monday, September 06, 2010

Eleven Plus Potential

How can you try to maximise the potential of your eleven plus child? One way could be to treat your child as if you expect him or her to pass the examination. You could contemplate trying to instil the best possible working practices while working through papers and doing any extra eleven plus work.

Your child must view you as a strong eleven plus manager. Start the eleven plus journey as you hope your child will finish. This does not mean strict times for the work or completing a specified number of questions every day but it does mean planning and lots of motivational talks and exercises.

Try not to rely too heavily on one supplier of eleven plus materials. Look around until you find a number of different books, materials and tests. You want you child to think and reason in the examination. There is no royal road to success. Keep trying.

Keep everything neat, tidy and well organised in any work you do with your child. You may, heaven forbid, need to prove all the hard work and effort. Untidy books and scribbled on papers will not help all that much in an appeal situation.

Try to ensure that the eleven plus is part of your lives and does not take over. Allow some time off for your child to be a child and not an eleven plus automation.

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