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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eleven Plus Choices

Most parents would like the final choice about the school they would like their child to attend to be theirs. Unfortunately a choice of school after the eleven plus results is not always a parent’s right.

Choosing a school for an eleven plus candidate is one of the most important decisions a parent can make.

Children who pass the eleven plus do not only come from privileged parents – because successful eleven plus candidates can come from every sort of home and background.

An obvious advantage of attending a grammar school is that your child is likely to obtain good GCSE results. We have, for example, a young man joining us to work in one of our centres who has just been awarded 13 A*s. He is obviously a very bright grammar school boy. The children he works with should benefit from his obvious intelligence and ability. He will be a wonderful role model for prospective eleven plus candidates.

Grammar schools have to be able to prove to parents that they are right place for their children. Grammar schools appear to pride themselves on traditional values. Most grammar school children seem to take pride in their work. Most parents would value this very highly.

Schools with a high standard of education, good discipline and a good work ethic would attract many parents.

Good pre eleven plus preparation may help some parents make a sensible choice.

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