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Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Eleven Plus and the Ryder Cup 2010

A number of us will have been working with eleven plus children – and then enjoying watching shots of the Ryder Cup.

A number of eleven plus children will have been watching the Ryder Cup with their parents.

Today was Day 2 – and the Ryder Cup foursomes were out in force. The commentators were commentating, the players were playing and the crowds were crowding.

Eleven plus child can learn from golf – they can learn the need to concentrate. They can also learn the need to play as part of a team. (The attire of the players from both teams was a thing of beauty.)

The one extraordinary habit that I hope no eleven plus child will pick up was displayed by both sides. This is something that we never see a boxer doing after a good blow to the head of an opponent. An Olympic swimmer can not do this action in the middle of a race. The winner of the stage of the Tour de France usually raises both hands as a salute – but then he has cycled 200 kilometres.

These Ryder Cup golfers – on both sides – when they have sunk a putt – raise their eyes to the crowd. They then clench their fist and use a dramatic pumping movement to show their joy at sinking the putt.

The hope is that your precious eleven plus candidate does not get into the habit of clenching the fist and pumping after every answer. This could be quite off putting to others in the middle of the real examination!

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