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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eleven Plus Problems

How do Eleven Plus problems arise?

Usually it is teacher or a parent who sets the eleven plus problems – be it in mathematics or the reasoning skills.

Eleven plus children are used to problems like:

Underline the one word which is different from the rest:

Picture Drawing Painting Frame Photograph Portrait

A different eleven plus favourite is:

Find 10% of 56.

But eleven plus problems can also be found in areas like:

How much time should be spent every week on eleven plus work?

Is the eleven plus material that is being set at a demanding and useful level?

The eleven plus candidate can have problems with where and when he or she is expected to work. In the bedroom? In the study? In front of the T.V.?

The eleven plus child could be asked to write down a list of problems. There may be some that can be solved. Some, however, may not be immediately solvable.

You could ask your child to keep a record of problems – social, emotional and physical – as well as intellectual. For example at one time or another:

Mum might be a problem.

Dad might be a problem.

A sibling might be a problem.

Mum might solve the problem.

Dad might solve the problem.

The sibling might solve the problem.

Many eleven plus problems can be solved after a good night’s sleep. The real problem is establishing whether or not the problem is really important and pressing. If solving the problem is likely to be profitable and important to the eleven plus journey then it may be worth addressing.

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