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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Responsibility of Eleven Plus Success

The results of an eleven plus examination gives all of us knowledge about accomplishments of some children and the individual failures of others. Acceptance of eleven plus results must also leave us with an attitude where a degree of give and take is necessary. We need to be grateful for any successes but compassionate for those that did not manage to pass.

What brought this to mind was working with an eleven plus boy today who had gained full marks on his mathematics test. He had achieved a perfect score. (This is a standardised score of 140.) He will complete Year 6 knowing that he has achieved a level of eleven plus perfection something that very few can hope to reach. Perhaps one day he will go on to become a leader.

There will always be men and women who are gifted and energetic – and extremely ambitious. Perhaps some of them started off as boys and girls who had to pass the Eleven Plus Examinations or even the Common Entrance. Perhaps some of them will also go on to achieve perfect scores on examinations at school and university.

The boy explained that his Head Teacher had been very proud of his results. The boy also added that his teacher had said; “Well done.” His school must naturally bask in the reflected glory of this boy’s success. It is unlikely that he would have scored 140 unless he had had extremely good teaching at school and at home.

All we can do is hope that he will use his obvious ability to overcome powerful obstacles and always behave in a scrupulous and responsible manner. What a lucky school to have a boy like this joining the ranks.

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