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Monday, October 04, 2010

Eleven Plus Change

How can an eleven plus child suggest to his or her parents that there may be an alternative route towards the eleven plus? Some children may choose to use a form of a suggestion scheme – but this depends on how receptive their parents are likely to be.

One problem an eleven plus child may face is that his or her parents may not want to hear the solution that is being promoted. Eleven plus children learnt when they were very small that timing is all important. How ever good the suggestion is, it could fall on deaf ears if the timing is off.

One suggestion to any child who is thinking about changes in attitudes towards the eleven plus is that it is possible that a novel approach is needed. It may not be good enough to argue and keep arguing. Eleven plus children seeking change may need to create a whole new image for themselves.

Any eleven plus suggestion may need to include saving time. Parents may feel that they under pressure – and that prolonged negotiations can only waste time. (That is when children go on and on!)

Children may also take note of how governments for years have brought in change – namely the leaked secret. The leaked drip could be offered with maximum publicity just twenty four hours before any crucial meeting. Eleven Plus children may have limited financial resources – but major emotional resources.

So eleven plus children wishing for change may need to:

Argue less
Think of novel approaches to developing suggestions.
Forget negotiations.
Try dripping away.
Play on the emotions of the parents.

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