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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Special Eleven Plus Brains and PHP

One day, is possible, that some of our current eleven plus students will decide to go into computers. Some may want to manufacture, others to sell while one or two may decide to concentrate on web design. It is almost a certainty that any web user will have come across a website written in PHP.

PHP is a programming language designed for creating dynamic websites. It fits into a web server and processes the instructions in the web page before the instructions are sent to the server. PHP talks to a range of data base systems. A good example of PHP in action is an online store – where you enter the search word and then find the product that you want.

When we log into an online store we may decide to change the number of items that we are purchasing. For example there may be only one product in a particular line – but the customer can be given the opportunity to change how many are purchased.

A brain that can cope with this sort of programming does not necessarily have to be an eleven plus brain. Eleven plus brains have to be able to think and reason – and perform a range of calculations. Some even have to cope with comprehension and written English.

Eleven plus brains have to be mature and forgiving. (Is there ever an eleven plus child who is able to say accusingly: “But I have already done it!”)

Eleven plus brains can not say that the dog ate their eleven plus paper – especially if there is no dog in the family.

Eleven plus children have to respectful and accommodating. (Sometimes parents are right!”

What parents do want is for their child to adopt a dynamic approach to the eleven plus. They want their child to be able to check work carefully. They want their child to be able to follow instructions. Parents do not want to have to repeat something – especially if it to be contentious.

Receptive Eleven Plus brains are pretty special!

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