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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Learning Eleven Plus Work.

Some of us may sometimes need to be rather careful that we do not insist on too much over learning. We probably over learn how to form letters. Some children may, for example, have to over learn some tables while degrees of over learning probably took place when the nursery rhymes were learnt.

We do know some things about over learning.

Eleven Plus children should not be drilled too much in case they lose the freshness, the wonder and the pleasure in tackling obscure eleven plus questions.

An eleven plus child will remember significant material longer than meaningless stuff.

It is likely that most parents will find that bright eleven plus children learn very quickly – and do not forget at the same speed.

We can’t be sure that if something is learnt at a perfunctory level that it will be forgotten. If parents and children spend time together on a topic then it is possible that some faint trace will be retained and even remembered at a crucial moment in the examination.

Ideally something that a child and a parent learn together towards the eleven plus will be retained to a lesser or greater degree. Parents can only hope that the valuable something of the subject is remembered when their child is sitting in the examination hall.

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