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Friday, October 15, 2010

Eleven Plus Noise

What would it be like if you could simply dial one number and have instant access to all the different eleven plus information you need? Your child’s needs will change over the next few months. Your desire and demand for information will also need to be serviced. The `One Stop Eleven Plus Shop’ could help. Here you could find all the eleven plus social media including at least popular forums, books, papers, advice from tutors, advice about tutors, publishers, Face Book applications, DVDs, CDs and Twitter comments. This would give you access to a veritable cornucopia of ideas, advice and solutions. You may even be able to have s sensible dialogue about `Sound and the Eleven Plus Child’.

It is possible that your child would really like a sound proofed bedroom. Unfortunately there are few really practical ways of keeping sound out of the Eleven Plus Room’.

Perhaps others in the family will need to be good neighbours. A thick carpet outside the door could eliminate at least one pet hate. Moving siblings is not so easy – unless you live in an `Eleven Plus Castle’.

Every parent will use the technique of moving a wardrobe or cupboard to the wall where most noise emanates. A cupboard full of games, clothes and general `junk’ will help to eliminate most noise.

When the `Studious Eleven Plus Candidate’ complains that he or she can still hear the source of the sound – then parents could consider building `An Eleven Plus Wall’. This would be a new wall – spaced away from the existing wall with battens and plaster board. The cavity would need to be filled – but most mothers would have ideas on that point. (Foam or expanded polystyrene may spring to mind.)

The space around the doors is another potential source of noise. Draft proofing may help.

One further thought. The famous `No Entry – Eleven Plus Candidate At Work’ sign may bring immediate quiet through out the home.

The best thing about a sound proofed room could be something that may not spring to the eleven plus mind.

Your child may occasionally hear those dreaded words: “It is time now to go to work”.

A sound proofed bed room could keep out any crashing and banging.

What price `Eleven Plus Peace?’

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