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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eleven Plus Books

Some eleven plus parents have a problem finding books for their aspiring candidates to read.

“What about all those lovely books I got you last Christmas. We are in October now and you have not read any of them. Your Aunt Edna will be so disappointed that you did not find time to read the trilogy that she bought you.”

“But Mum, they are so boring.”

“Yes, but your father and I love reading. We can’t understand why you will not read. You are always playing on the computer. You never pick up a book and sit down to have a `nice’ read.”

There could be a solution.

John Grisham has written `Theodore Boone – Half the Man, Twice the Lawyer’. (Hodder and Stoughton 2010 ISBN 978 1444 71448 7) It is about Theo Boone who is only thirteen years old and thinks that he is a lawyer.

If your ten year old child ever needs to read a book that is inspiring and utterly compelling then this is the one. I can not believe that any bright child will not be able to identify with Theo Boone.

I hope also that reading the book turns some very able children into believing in themselves. A child who is able and articulate may not always feel that they can fit into the company of `mere mortals’. Theodore Boone is loved, respected and admired. These are all attributes that some eleven plus children crave.

Every single Eleven Plus parent in the world will want their child to be loved, respected and admired.

A word of warning. If you do hand the book over you may not be offered a single word until the last page.

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