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Monday, July 04, 2011

Eleven Plus Breaks

Long ago, well before the birth of the eleven plus, an esteemed pioneer in `scientific management’ called Frederick W. Taylor found that efficient work methods stepped up productivity.

The average amount of pig iron a man could load on a car 12.5 tons a day.

He showed the workmen how to move, how to bend, when to rest – and some men increased their output to 47.5 tons a day. All the men increased their output considerably.

(A sneaky eleven plus question follows: “What was the percentage increase of some of the men?”)

Move onto stage two. Now this is not advocating large families but do you remember Frank and Lillian Gilbreth? (Twelve Children!)They analysed many jobs into elemental operations. Motions were checked and the time taken for each movement was analysed to see where efficiency could be improved. They made hundreds of time and motion studies and discovered several new principles.

Both arms should move simultaneously – and in opposite symmetrical directions.

Continuous curved motions are better than jerky movements.

Foot pedals should relieve hands when ever possible.

Tools should be conveniently placed.

Workers need rest periods.

Useful Eleven Plus Advice

Hug your child with both arms simultaneously. A one arm hug, on your part, smacks of indolence.

Try to keep cool and calm when working on an eleven plus topic – too much emotion can take the pleasure out of a shared task.

Do not be tempted to give you child a quick boot – the laying on of hands is probably more effective.

Make sure that all pens, pencils, dictionaries, papers, books, food, ice cream, bribes, computers and a variety of drinks are available before your child starts work Trips to the bath room, to look for the cat and then feed the budgie should be conducted, when possible, prior to engagement. Television sets, siblings and mobile phones should be placed in a sound proofed room – well away from the scene of battle.

Offer all `Eleven Plus Time and Motion Advice’ forcefully when necessary – but in a kind and sympathetic manner.

Above all – remember that rest periods should be a complete break from eleven plus activities. Parents contemplating the approaching holidays – and thinking of buying extra books and papers to take on the trip to New York to the cousins, or on the three week Mediterranean cruise should think again. When your child cries: Oh! Give me a break Mum,” think about your child’s needs – not the eleven plus.

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