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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eleven Plus Questions

Some questions to catch up on:

Would you prefer to have a total rest over the holidays or would you like to do some eleven plus work?

Have you been doing enough eleven plus work or do you think that you need to do more?

Do you think that your friends are doing the same amount of eleven plus work? Are some doing more? Are some doing less?

Does your mind wander sometimes so that you lose track or are you able to keep focused?

Do you think that you will get worked up before examination or will you take it all in your stride?

Can you sit still for a considerable period of time or do you think that you may fidget in the actual examination?

Do you think that you work through eleven plus answers carefully and methodically – or do you tend to answer very quickly?

Do you classify yourself as a hard worker?

Do you think that you argue quite a bit or are you a bit more laid back?

Have you set you heart on passing the eleven plus or do you not really mind where you go to senior school?

Do you know anyone who has passed the eleven plus? Have you talked?

Does you family prefer you when you have strong opinions or should you think a little more before you engage in a `deep’ discussion?

Do you indulge in day dreams?

Do you have many interests outside of the eleven plus?

Who is better at solving problems? Is your mother better than your father?

Are you afraid of thunderstorms?

Should you be made to keep your room tidy?

Should you ben offered lots of rewards as you do your eleven plus work – or should there just be one big reward - if you pass?

Are you pleased and excited by eleven plus work?

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