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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Random Eleven Plus Questions

When parents buy a paper from the internet or from a book shop – or one supplied by the tutor - they are purchasing a paper which is a sample of eleven plus questions. It is a useful sample if it is truly representative.

Sometimes, when parents look with great interest at a paper, they may wonder if the paper is a representative sample or a random sample. A random sample of eleven plus questions is a sample drawn from a specified eleven plus population in a random manner. Sometimes random numbers are used to select the questions. In theory, if the population is clearly defined, a random sample should be free of bias. This sample may not be representative of the population – especially if the eleven plus counties or regions have different subgroups of questions.

A paper from one publisher, for example, may be very useful for a child in one eleven plus area – but not as useful in another. This does not mean that there is any thing wrong with the test – it simply means that some questions may not be as effective as others.

If a paper has been designed and set for the whole country there may be questions that will not come up in your child’s examination. Press on – give help where you can.

There is a website you can link up with where it is possible to generate random songs.

Type in relevant words about your child, the eleven plus, being clever, working hard – I selected the `Ballard’ option. Wow! This gives you a view of random thoughts!

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