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Friday, July 08, 2011

An Eleven Plus Party

The end of term is approaching – and with it the holidays. Eleven plus children all over the country will be hoping that their parents do not get too carried away by the idea of even more extra work over the holidays. One or two children may even have been able to tempt their parents with the idea of an eleven plus party.

The Reasoning Party

To play this game the host and hostess should prepare a list of eleven plus questions.

Divide the children into two teams – and encourage them to sit together at opposite ends of the room. The party then needs an affable quiz master or mistress. The quiz master (or mistress) then places himself (or herself) near to the rum punch and tops up the waiting glass.

One player from each team is then sent to collect an eleven plus question. The rest of the team have to either guess, or work out, the answer. Only the words `Yes!” or “No!” are allowed.

One a team has correctly guessed the answer the next player is sent out to collect the next question.

Teams have to be reasonably quiet so that they do not give away the answer to the other team.

The winning team is the first team to guess, or work out, all the answers to the questions.

Naturally this game will have to have forfeits. How about the losing team having to read a chapter of a book? What about doing an eleven plus paper? The children themselves may be able to think of suitable forfeits. Enjoy the ride!

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