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Friday, July 01, 2011

Good Eleven Plus Support

One good point about the present eleven plus is that it is very clear what parents, teachers, tutors and children have to do. Naturally if a child has all the parties working together then the chances of success may be clearer.

In primary schools we have good schools and bad schools. Within these schools we have good teachers and bad teachers. There will also be good eleven plus tutors and bad tutors. Parents, however, would probably react unfavourably if they felt that they were being categorised into being good parents and bad parents.

What constitutes `good’ can, however, be rather debatable. We would all like to be na├»ve and imagine that all those concerned with preparing a child for the eleven plus are genuine and wholesome. Gimmicks and hobby horses may possibly play a part in some aspects of eleven plus preparation. Surely this must be represented by a minute minority? The great majority of parents will see though any mountebanks and fraudsters.

“Work hard, do your best and we will support you all the way.”

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