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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Eleven Plus Common Sense

Are reasoning tests just a matter of common sense?

Many years ago, before the eleven plus examinations started, Floyd Ruch, a teacher of psychology, gave a test of common sense to large classes of university students. The students were presented with a series of statements and asked to answer “True” or “False”.

The marriage of cousins is practically certain to result in children of inferior intelligence.

Long slender hands indicate an artistic temperament.

Adults sometime become feebleminded from over study.

Emotional expression in another person can be judged more accurately from the eyes than from the mouth.

If you stare at a person’s back you can make them turn around. This is a form of telepathy.

Especially intelligent children are likely to be weak and retarded physically.

We know today that all of these statements are false. (Back in years before the Second World War – over half of the American students said that all the above statements were true!)

We can try to apply some similar statements to our present eleven plus children.

All eleven plus children should work through lots of papers.

The internet has become the most important tool for helping eleven plus children.

Eleven plus children need to obtain over 80% on certain `important’ papers – otherwise they will not pass.

Parents have to find a famous eleven plus teacher to ensure that their child passes.

If you read questions twice you will be able to answer the questions.

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