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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eleven Plus Comprehension

We work with eleven plus children in the county of Essex. The Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex produce an `Eleven + Practice Test’ pack. There are sample papers in the pack – including English papers. There is a passage to read and then a number of questions. Some questions are worth 2 marks while others are worth 12 marks.

Some questions are `Explain in your own words’. Others are to do with True and False. There are vocabulary sections and a part where the eleven plus child is asked for evidence.

Some times the children may be expected to answer in full sentences – especially when a long answer is required. Some parts can be answered with a phrase or short phrase.

Some general points apply:

Locate the relevant piece of text

Decide exactly what is stated there

Work out whether more than one aspect is asked for

Your child will also need to work out how to phrase the answer. Remind your child that is often no need to try to be too elaborate.

Suggest to your child that he or she should read the question at least twice before answering the question.

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