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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Eleven Plus Eyes

“Mum, I can’t do any more – my eyes are tired.”

“Oh my poor dear, we must go to the optician again.”

“Come on Mum. We only went last month. She said there was nothing wrong.”

“Well, something is stopping you working on the eleven plus papers.”

“Look mum, you know that man’s eyes were originally made for outside use. Uncle Murray used to tell us about hunting in the gloom at night and in the early mornings. He used to say that fish rose when the light on the water changed.”

“Yes dear. Uncle Murray used to say many things. I did not always believe him even when we were children together. No I am worried about all you studying under this artificial light. You have complained about the light ever since we had to replace our 100 watt bulbs.”

“Well Mum. You may be right but it is glare on the paper that distracts me. The European Community’s dictates are affecting my eleven plus studies. Oh Mum. What can I do? We can not complain to Brussels it will take too long and the eleven plus will be over.”

“You like working from the “XXX” Eleven Plus papers. They have dark print on a white background.”

“I never get any eye strain when I am on my Ipad2.”

“You know that you can only go on your infernal machine once you have done your eleven plus work. Come on now. Try to stop whinging and get on with the paper.”

“I looked it up Mum. I have all the symptoms of eye strain. My left eye is red. My eyelids are inflamed. I have headaches every time I try an eleven plus paper. I can’t go on.”

“All right dear. I know that you do not have any foreign objects in your eyes. We have checked for this. I know the papers are not too hard. You are getting 85% on them. Your teacher says that you are in the top groups.

Can your dear father and I do anything to get you to do some extra work on your eleven plus?”

“Well that is a funny thing mother. I do have a `little’ list. Can we go over it now?”

“That is enough. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with your eyes. Give me your Ipad. That is going away until you have finished the paper. Sit down. NOW! You will work for thirty five minutes without a word.”

“Yes mother. Sorry mother. I will start now.”

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