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Thursday, October 25, 2012

An Analysis of the Eleven Plus Year

Systems Analysis is the process of breaking a complex problem into its component parts, examining those parts and then reorganising them a more efficient whole. Eleven Plus parents do this all the time!

The first step is trying to make sense of the plethora of information. It comes at parents from all sides.

Then comes decisions of whether to work with the candidate at home or call in outside help.

Things will go reasonably smoothly until the time arrives for `Work On Papers’. Early exercises can be rather stressful for all concerned.

The August / September holidays before the examinations can also be challenging. How much work still needs to be done? Is there time for a family holiday? Is it possible to have a week free of any mention of the eleven plus?

The final days and hours leading up to the actual examination can be interesting. Both sides (parents and children alike) will be trying to avoid any stressful situations   and challenging moments.

What about the day before the examination? Oh dear! Keep calm. Should there be any last minute work?

Each of the situations and events need some form of analysis. A system is needed for all concerned!

(Should eleven plus parents be paid an extra allowance for the stresses and strains of the eleven plus year?)