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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Eleven Plus Questions and Answers

Some Questions

Why do you want your child to do the eleven plus?
To have the opportunity of being able to choose a school – be it grammar or some other school.

When do you think you need to start eleven plus work?
This will vary from child to child. Some children do not seem to need extra work. Other children start work years ahead of the examination. We are just playing it by ear.

Can you do the eleven plus preparation yourself?
My child and I enjoy a good working relationship. It is likely that we will do it ourselves.

Do you have favourite books and papers to work from?
Years ago, when my oldest daughter was doing the eleven plus, we all had to rely on the two `big’ publishers. The internet now gives us lots of choice.

Does your school know you are interested in preparing your child?
The school is very supportive. I have, however, heard of other schools where the eleven plus is frowned on – but our school is fine.

Do you talk to other parents about your ambition?
Of course! This is where we all share experiences.

Are you looking forward to the grind?
Oh yes. We only get one chance at the examination.