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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An Eleven Plus Joke

The eleven plus is quite a stuffy world. There are many experts who tell other people what to do. There seem to be many with special skills and knowledge who we listen to with bated breath as they expound the virtues of following their methods and approaches. We deal, however, with children. Why can’t the eleven plus have a little more humour?

Some of us will recall the 1982 bylaw that was passed in a town in Oregon. The council decided that at least one joke had to be told at every meeting. What about parents asking their eleven plus children to tell a joke before starting work?

A cowboy went into town on Friday and stayed there for three days. He left on Friday.
How did he do it?

Do you want the answer?
The cowboy’s horse was named `Friday’.

(As told by Kai.)
Of course mothers are always right. Take the scenario of settling on how much eleven plus work needs to be completed.

Mum to eleven plus child:
“I know a great method of setting this argument.”

“Oh yes? How?”
“You simply admit that you are wrong. I know that I am always right.”

 If your child does not appreciate your humour you could always try to lighten the atmosphere by telling another joke.
“My brother used to be in the tent business.”

“What happened?”
“It folded.”

If your child still does not understand the quickness of your wit you could ask for the joke about the vampire the garlic and the eleven plus paper. Do you remember it?