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Monday, October 29, 2012

Eleven Plus Reading

Reading plays a large part in eleven plus examinations. Children have to be able to read in order to answer questions. Some children find the eleven plus year so demanding that they have little time to read for pleasure.

When parents exhort their children to read for pleasure many will suggest: “Do not try to read every word. It is perfectly all right to `skim’.”

Of course reading to learn something is very different. Here many parents will draw on their own schools days to remind their children about `The Secrets of Learning from Books.”

Read the title page and the list of contents – and decide if you need to read the whole book or simply chosen sections.

Read the `blurb’ on the back cover together. Explain how this often gives insight into the scope and extent of the book.

Show your child that he or she may only need to read one or two chapters.

Look at any diagrams, photographs, pictures or maps. These are used to explain points and often offer a succinct summary.

And finally, help your child to make notes! Explain to your child that making simple notes may save him or her having to re-read almost everything.