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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Eleven Plus Pain - Or a Role Reversal

Parents, usually, simply want the best for their children. Observers of some parents, however, may feel the eleven plus experience is as painful for parents as their children. The pain experienced parents, however, and that of their children is not the same.
A mother can rationalise the pain by thinking: “It will be in his/her own good.”

 A child, however, could feel:” I know I have to put up with this pain because I really want to pass.” (Or words to that effect.)
We are left to an American to try to explain a little more about pain. Stanley Milgram did some research which appeared to show that many people will willingly obey orders even if not threatened with punishment. (Could this be news to any eleven plus child?)

The subjects in his experiments were required to act as teachers and learners. The teachers used a simulated shock generator and administered a shock every time the learner made a mistake. Some teachers went on to administer shocks even when they believed they would seriously harm the learner.
If any parents wish to try this experiment with their eleven children it is hoped that the pain of the shock is not too severe!

If anyone is interested then there are some basics:
Cardboard Tube
Light Bulb

Wind the wire round the tube
Suspend the magnet
Join the wire to the light bulb.

Ask your child to activate the coil.
If all this works replace the bulb with YOUR little finger.

If you are shocked – you are the learner – and your child the eleven plus teacher. This in itself could be worth the pain! (Think of the laughter!)