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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eleven Plus Ethics

Just a thought  .. what about asking your partner if he or she will record the events taking place in a typical plus exercise at home?

Before you start there must be some ethical considerations. Whatever you observe of your partner and your child could make a permanent record – be it a video or simply a written account with pertinent observations and impressions.

Do you need to ask your child’s permission?

This must depend on the scope and nature of the observation. If the `diary’ is to be used as a weapon in an attempt to encourage diligence then some serious discussion is needed. If, however, the findings are not be used in a negative manner then your child’s views can simply be taken into account.

Do you tell your child that he or she is being observed?

Is it likely that behaviour will change for the better if he or she knows that an act of observation is taking place? Are you rather vague about the reason for the observation? Are there any circumstances when the element of basic trust can be broken?

Do you discuss the results with your child?

Conscience plays a large part in the thoughts and feelings of most parents!

Do you discuss the results with others?

Is this in front or your child? Will you be able to have a freer discussion if your child is not present?

There may be some elements in any recording of an eleven plus lesson that simply do not need to be stored for posterity.  Slips of the tongue, fumbles over simple points and anguish over errors may not be germane to any future discussions.