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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Is there an Eleven Plus Mantra?

When we look through the depth and range of eleven plus papers it is no wonder that some parents must wonder if they are setting their child the right work.

Is it possible that, occasionally, even some eleven plus teachers and tutors may also have this dilemma. Of course children are learning things when the teacher is not teaching – but is teaching simply explaining how to a range of examples drawn from an `eleven plus paper’?  

When parents are working with their children at home it is likely that their children will be learning.

I met a man today in a park. He showed, I think, great originality and a desire to fend for himself. He explained that he takes his repair stand to a variety of parks and has built up a wide circle of friends and clients.

How does he know he is at the right park? How does he know how much he can charge? I wonder if he is supporting any children through the eleven plus. But eleven plus parents do not need to take on the cares of the world. For a few short months they must focus on their children. Is a reasonable eleven plus mantra: “Any work is better than no work.”?