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Monday, October 15, 2012

Seventy Days to Christmas

There are but seventy days left to Christmas. Can you combine Christmas presents with eleven plus presents? What a saving that would be! Your delighted child could wake up on Christmas day without yet another Harry Potter – but could have yet another eleven plus paper! Oh joy!

There is, naturally another path. This journey, perhaps, will not be as emotionally draining as coping with tears on Christmas Day but could more of a voyage of discovery. You could tidy `the bed room’. Most eleven plus bedrooms will be models of tidiness and control. Everything in its place and a place for everything! Some, however, may need a little attention. You, and the candidate, may need a plan and a strategy!

You must immediately discount the idea of the loft. Work on the `use it or lose it’ plan. Start with four large baskets.

Basket 1 – “That is my favourite. I cannot get rid of that.”

Basket 2 – “Well, let us keep that. I’ll just put it to one side. I may want it sometime in the future.”

Basket 3 – “No I don’t want that – just dump it, please.”

Basket 4 – “We can give these away. Let us find a home for these toys and books.”

If, by chance, you leave the room and return to find Basket 3 full of eleven plus paraphernalia then it time to take stock. Does your child really want to take the examination? “Oh dear, what have we done?”

You may have a tidy room – but have you lost your child? Is the eleven plus your dream, or that of your child?

With seventy day to Christmas you have plenty of time for introspection.