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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Eleven Plus Power Base

During the Middle Ages bards often used to wander the country spreading new messages and disseminating fresh ideas. Travelling artisans brought information about building and building materials. Of course the saints played a powerful role in bringing religion to the masses.

There was, however, a different model of diffusion of ideas – the universities. The brightest and the best were attracted to universities to learn at the feet of masters. Some of the oldest schools fed the universities. England still remains a magnet for students from other nations because of England’s reputation and sound teaching.

In today’s world a new form of teaching, commincation and learning has emerged. The internet has allowed a proliferation of innovative teaching methods. Social media also plays its part. Families do not need to wait for the arrival of a wandering minstrel to hear and share gossip. A Facebook or Twitter post is now available to many at the touch of a button.

Unlike the Eleven Plus parents of twenty years ago, families today can read and share thoughts and opinions without regard to physical boundaries. The power base which used to settle in the hands of few has now shifted.

John Lennon wrote a seminal song `Power To The People’ back in the early seventies. We must wonder why he didn’t add a verse  about `Power to The Eleven Plus People’.