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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An Eleven Plus Interview

Some children may find it interesting to be interviewed as part of a wider eleven plus selection process. Other children may approach the whole experience with horror and fear. Whole industries could grow up helping children to present themselves.

Children would have to learn the term `self-marketing’.  The content of any courses would need to be wide ranging. We all know about the interview where the candidate sits before a panel. We also know about the `hot-seat’ interview. This is where there are six or seven tables and each candidate has to slip into a chair and answer one or two questions from six or seven different interviewers.

The children would need to know why they want to go to grammar school.

A curriculum vitae would be essential. (Why I become a brownie. How I would build a greener Britain.)

Some children may need mentors to help with interview techniques

Publishers could churn out even more books with titles along the lines of: `Fifty Interview Questions for the Eleven Plus’, or `How to Look Your Eleven Plus Interviewer in the Eye’.

The personal statement would be interesting. (I want to go to XXX Grammar School because the best riding school is only half a mile away. My Mummy and Daddy say that I can stable my horse so that I can ride after school. They have promised me a new horse if I pass the Eleven Plus. My less fortunate friends will be able to ride my present horse – but not my new one.)