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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Homer and the Eleven Plus

Will the eleven plus ever embrace at least some of the teaching of Homer? Homer was a poet and the Greeks believed that poets were the primary teachers of mankind!

Some eleven plus parents may feel a need to attend classes on: “How to help my child to understand my poems.”

Course One – the difference between doggerel and poetry.
Course Two – how to appreciate epic poetry
Course Three – understanding my child’s eleven plus teacher’s comments on my child’s eleven plus poems
Course Four – poets of the Fourteenth Century
Course Five – an abbreviated history of modern day poets
Course Six – the relationship between poems and verbal reasoning questions
Course Seven – understanding long division through the eyes of a poet
Course Eight – Homer and the eleven plus – Part 1
Course Nine – Homer and the eleven plus – Part 2
Course Ten – Homer and the eleven plus – Part 3

By now you may be asking – why Homer? Remember the Spartans? They were inspired by Homer.  It was the prowess of the Spartans that gave rise to the early Olympic Games. The Spartans were leaders. So if you want your child to be a champion – then read some poetry to him or her!