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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eleven Plus Content

If, by some chance, the writers of the ACTUAL eleven –plus examination decided to include questions to do with computers, data and the internet then our eleven plus children may land up learning something useful. Instead of trying to work out rather odd eleven plus questions then children may learn some useful skills.

Two sisters, Mary and Esmeralda, were both born on January 1st. Which of the following statements is correct?
a)      They are twins
b)      They are not twins
c)       They may be twins

Mothers and fathers would enjoy trying to explain why the children may be twins. But what use can be made of this deduction?

Children, for example, could learn to organise, develop and present ideas in a variety of forms – using word processing and spread sheets. Questions could be based around what they had learnt.

Children could learn how to use and modify data bases.

There could even be a case for children to learn how information technology is applied in the outside world.

With these skills and knowledge children would not have to apply themselves to questions like:

Which are the two words in each set of brackets which make the same kind of pair as the two words at the beginning of the first pair:-

ALWAYS NEVER (sometimes, happy, right, memory, wrong)

Some parents may want to argue that a question along different lines may offer a better view of ability.

Four times a number is four less than a number which is ten more than thirty. What is the number?

Your able nine year old may enjoy the freshness of the question – but a rather more jaded ten year old may take exception.

Perhaps it is time for a re-think about the values and content of the eleven plus!