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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The `Pre Eleven Plus Quiz'

How do you know if your eleven plus child will enjoy the benefits of an eleven plus education? You could try a little `Pre Eleven Plus Quiz’. We know that the ambition of parents will play a large part in the pre-examination preparation – but there are other factors as well. The eleven plus child has to have some degree of ambition, common sense and motivation. Naturally sheer ability also helps!

Ask your child to rate the following:

Wanting to attend the same school as friends

Enjoying Reading

Interest in computer games

An active sporting life


Tidy Bedroom

Asking about career opportunities

Visiting museums


Writing Poetry

Constructing Lego models

Looking after the sick

Planting and gardening

Visiting a cave


There are many options that can be used in the` Pre Eleven Plus Quiz’. Parents could devise their own with questions on sport, school, interests and aptitudes.

The quiz could point to careers in veterinary sciences, becoming a doctor or a nurse.

Other questions could cover business, finance and economics

There are all the engineering options to follow.

Languages, psychology, physical education and beauty therapy could all play a part.

The one ingredient that may prove to rather useful is sheer self-belief. If your child believes that passing the eleven plus is both practical and possible then perhaps . . . . .