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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Eleven Plus Functional Skills

Eleven plus children need functional skills. All eleven plus children need functional skills. Some eleven plus children need functional skills. Some eleven plus children may need functional skills. It depends, we must suppose, on what is meant by the functional skills needed by an eleven plus child.

The functional skills needed by eleven plus children lie in English, mathematics and information technology. Children who have good functional skills are probably able to maximum advantage of the opportunities allowed by the eleven plus. Children will use these skills to develop the aptitudes, attitudes and behaviour patterns need by the extent and scope of eleven plus work.

By now the question must arise – but why does an eleven plus child need sound information technology skills?

To help mum and dad with the computer and the internet when necessary
To be able to address the computer using the mouse and the keyboard
To have the skills, and the confidence, to be able to apply competence in information technology to new situations.

In English eleven plus children must be able to read, write and listen. They also need to be able to reason orally and in writing. In mathematics the children need, at the very least to be able to process information as well as perform concrete and abstract calculations.

A simple eleven plus question can illustrate using functional skills – along with verbal and numerical reasoning.

A girl sells chocolate to her brother. She sells two pens for the price she paid for three. How much is her profit?

Ask your eleven plus child explain to you why the profit is 50%.