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Monday, December 03, 2012

Reasonable Eleven Plus Questions

Is this a real eleven plus question?

The total cost of 16 booklets is £3.70. Some of them cost 30p and the rest 20p each. How many of each kind are bought?

If your child comes across a strange looking eleven plus question – should you:

Laugh with your child?
Say `pass’ and go on?
Struggle to solve the question?
Ask a friend or relation for help?
Pose the question to your child’s school teacher?

What do you do if you child really wants to know the answer:

Try to work it out?
Retire gracefully?
Blame the answer book?
Say the question is pointless?


Suppose there are x booklets at 30p.
There then must be (16 – x) booklets at 20p.
The total cost must be 30x + 20(16 + x)
(£3.70 is 370p)
30x + 20(16 + x) = 370
30x + 320 – 20x = 370
10x = 50
X = 5

5 at 30p = 150p
11 at 20p = 220
Total £1.50 + £2.20 = £3.70

Is this a reasonable question for a very bright eleven plus child?
Would your child enjoy the question?
Would you enjoy the challenge?