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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Eleven Plus Release

There must be few involved in the eleven plus who do not have opinions! We will obtain information from family and friends. The highly potent `playground chatter’ will often offer fertile opportunities to make statements and deep observations. It could be immensely illuminating if an aspiring author could maintain a record.

We can, for example, collect lots of information about insects without killing the insects. The naturalist will be able to find well illustrated books on entomology that would serve for the recognition of the family or order of the insects. A mother in the playground of a school where only two or three children pass a year will no doubt record different conversations to those of a mother in the position of a scribe in a highly successful 11+ school.

A naturist will be looking at methods of flight, size, shape colour and movement. An eleven plus parent will be discussing books, papers, teachers, chances of passing and (some) latest rumours. A naturist will be aware of the need to release any insects in areas where it can gain shelter. An eleven plus parent may, at times, need a very different type of release!