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Friday, December 14, 2012

Essentials of a Happy Eleven Plus Year

I have a copy of Every Woman’s Doctor Book from Amalgamated Press Ltd, The Fleetway House, London. There is no author, date or edition – and as it was published in 1930 – there is no bar code or ISBN number. The internet shows a copy (as of today) in a bookshop for £4.00.

There is an interesting paragraph in Chapter One: “The golden rules of health: cleanliness, fresh air, exercise, suitable food and perfect elimination of waste matter keep the body in the pink of condition.” Eleven Plus Boys and Girls take note!

There is also a very interesting section on diet. One sentence seems to stand out: “Spirits should never be given unless by a doctor’s orders.” Eleven Plus mothers and fathers take note!

There is a further section on taking care of the body: “An old Irish lady who lived to one hundred and seven, having retained all her faculties unimpaired to the last. She came down to breakfast one morning and thoroughly enjoyed her food. Afterwards, feeling a little weary, she leant back in her chair and fell into her last long sleep. ” Eleven Plus grandparents take note! “

We can see some of the essentials of a happy eleven plus year:

Perfect elimination of waste matter
Go easy on the spirits – unless the whole eleven plus experience really lets you down.
If you, or your child, does have a little nap during the day – try to make sure that there is someone who will wake you.