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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eleven Plus Attitude and Desire

What happens when we add another element to Eleven Plus examinations? We know that examinations are currently measuring a combination of reasoning and attainment skills.

Let us add the criteria of the assessment of attitude and desire to do well.

Teachers would need to be able to mark children on a five point scale. There would be no need to a new test to be developed. Teachers would simply need to fill a form which described common attributes:

• Interest in passing the Eleven Plus examinations.

• Willingness to work with parents, teachers and tutors.

• Persistence and pride in work.

• Attitude to school and work.

• Desire to do well academically.

Let us look at the criteria for the section dealing with “Interest in Passing the Eleven Plus Examinations”:

1. Eager and happy to work. Always keen to initiate extra work. Shows depth of thought.

2. Interested in passing. Occasionally needs to be reminded about doing some extra work.

3. Works willingly – and never complains about extra work. Would like to pass.

4. Not all that interested – but would like to attend grammar school.

5. Not at all interested. Does not want to go to grammar.

I wonder what the children would make of the findings? I wonder too if our children could be enticed to complete the five sections of the survey with the five criteria prepared by teachers? Would it then be a useful tool to used to compare the teacher’s observations with those of the children?

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