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Friday, January 18, 2008

Eleven Plus Examinations are Harmful.

“It is not the Eleven Plus Examination that is harmful but the preparation.” Discuss.

Parents and teachers have been debating this topic for years and years. We are still no closer to a conclusion.

We know that most of girls will be conscientious – and more given to overwork.

Some of the boys will be all too ready to close their books and leave their selection papers in pursuit of some physical activity. “I just have to …..“

Picture the scene. A group of Mums and Dads sitting round the fire on a January evening. The meal is over the wine has left the table. All that remains on the table are the plates of chocolates and cheese and the cups of Irish coffee.

Mum 1: “I don’t agree. Eleven Plus examinations are harmful. Some of us have to start two years early and it is hanging over our heads all the time.”

Dad 2: “Well, how can that harm your child? You know that you will be making sure that your child has the best possible preparation. Hard and sustained work never hurt anyone.”

Mum 2: “You can’t talk. Look at the pressure your parents put on you to do well at school. You left before your `A’ Level examinations – and you had to study when we were first married. You never stopped moaning.”

Dad 2: “Well, I got there in the end, didn’t I?”

Mum 1: “But our Amelia just works all the time. She often says that she does not mind the work. I know that she loves getting ahead of the class in mathematics. But I worry sometimes that we are putting too much pressure on her.”

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