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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ten Eleven Plus Steps

A time will come when parents will want to raise themselves above the level of simply trying to answer questions to attempting to pass on words of wisdom about test technique. This is helping your child on a higher astral plane. It is more like writing the horoscopes rather than reading one. To achieve this Zen like state parents will need to work hard to develop full confidence in themselves.

This then is the Eleven Plus `Stairway to Success’.

Step One: Encourage your child to read the question and work out has to be done.

Step Two: Develop the point that a brilliant answer to a question earns no marks.

Step Three: In a multiple choice test it is essential to make a choice. An empty answer box can not earn any marks.

Step Four: Demonstrate over and over again the need to spend a sensible amount of time on a question.

Step Five: Help your child to understand the need to go back over questions where there was an element of doubt. Do this exercise practically.

Step Six: Try to avoid working with your child when you are both tired.

Step Seven: Keep everything in perspective. Try not to let your child carry the whole burden of winning a place in a grammar school.

Step Eight: Listen to your child. Try to engage in dialogue.

Step Nine: Try to help your child to understand that to pass an Eleven Plus examination he or she needs to be good at taking tests.

Step Ten: Explain that passing an Eleven Plus examination does not automatically make a more pleasant, loving and fair minded person.

So once you have climbed these ten steps – what lies ahead? Who knows but you do have to build your child’s confidence and test technique step by step.

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