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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Eleven Plus Skills

I arrived at the office early this morning and immediately started thinking about the skills a children needed as he or she prepared for the Eleven Plus examinations.

Skills for Health
I need a healthy body because I have been told that a healthy body makes a healthy mind. I know I am a bit lazy at times. A big dog would be a help because I could take the dog for long walks.

I know I must consume only the right food and drink. I think that Dad is right – I will have only one packet of pop corn and one coke at the cinema.

Skills for Logistics
I know I have the ability to manoeuvre Mum or Dad to take me to endless activities including school, social events. Mum has told me that the list is endless. She says she drives too many miles in a week.

I really do know how to learn to thank Grandmother and Grandfather prettily after they have collected me from an important event.

Skills for Care and Development

I am learning to think about others. Do I really need to argue with my mother about extra work and what I wear? I know she is tired and worried.

Should I really ask Dad to help me with my homework? I know that it is bed time and I could have done the work three hours ago but ….

I really will try to help my brother to learn better social skills. I will try not to call him those funny names.

Energy and Utility Skills
I will turn the light off when I leave my bed room. I will not run my tap water when I am brushing my teeth.

I do not need a night light in the hall. I know I am nearly eleven so I don’t need to burn all that extra electricity. I will also make sure I turn my computer off in the study before I come upstairs.

Asset Skills
If I drop a packet of crisps in the car I will clean my side of the inside car. I will collect all loose pieces of paper off the back seat and the floor of the car. I will not argue about which side of the car my empty bottle has landed.

I will rake leaves (sometimes) in the garden. I know that I can do it. I will try harder.

Lifelong Learning Skills

I will not put off what I have to do today to tomorrow.

I know that I will have to go on learning after I have completed the Eleven Plus examinations.

Skills for Justice

I will say thank you to my parents. After all without them ……

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