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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Eleven PLus Holiday Work.

We have all heard stories about Teddy Bears travelling all over the world with no more than a message tied to the teddy’s neck saying: “Please take me with you.”

We know too about `Bookcrossing’ which is turning the world into one great big library. It is very simple you leave your book in a public place and someone will pick your book up and leave a book of their own. Over half a million people in over 130 countries take part. (}

I would like to initiate

Quite simply when you have finished with an eleven plus paper you simply leave the details on the website and you can exchange it for another.

Over the summer holidays you will not need to take a whole pile of papers – all you will need is to arrange a mutual drop off point.

Going to Rome? No problem – the third set of stairs on the right as you look up to `the window’.

In Paris? Easy. Under the clock at the railway station.

In Copenhagen? By the little statue of the Little Mermaid.

Scotland? By the 18th at St Andrews.

Any ideas?

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