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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Modern Eleven Plus Questions

We were chatting today about how some elements of some Eleven Plus papers appear to be rather dated.

Laura, who has eleven GCSE passes and three A levels – and is working on her other three volunteered to bring a sample up to date.

Three girls have coloured tops and shoes.

Amy Whitehouse has black hair.

Jlo is wearing jeans, different coloured hair and wears red shoes.

Amy has the same coloured top as Jlo’s shoes. She has green shoes.

Britney has the same colour bag as Amy’s shoes. Her top is the same colour as Amy’s hair. She ha yellow shoes.

Jlo has brown hair with a top the same colour as Britney’s shies – and a green bag.

Britney has blond hair.

Amy’s bag is the same colour as her hair.

Please attach your answers – or email.

Who said the Eleven Plus examinations are getting easier?

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