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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Feeding Eleven Plus Minds

It is always difficult for us seasonal gardeners to work out when to feed our plants. We know, because we are told, that there are key moments in the year to apply fertiliser.

So then we get to the questions of what kind of fertiliser is needed, when it should be applied and where is it needed.

It would be very useful if we could apply a gadget to a plant and know just when fertiliser is needed and how much is required.

Obviously if the leaves change colour then there is a problem – unless it is at a certain time of the year. If weather gets too wet or too cold or too hot then a plant can also suffer – and show a need for help and assistance. In some cases all we need to do is to carry the plant inside – or even outside. Other plants may simply need water.

In all these things prevention is better than cure – and this is true of plants and Eleven Plus children.

With plants we can fertilise by a range of methods:

Top Dressing

Feeding with diluted water based solutions


Feeding through the leaf.

We would naturally apply the right type of fertiliser for different conditions.

With the children in our care we are trying to stimulate their minds and excite their imagination. We are trying to develop their problem solving skills.

We want our children to grow up sprightly and upright. We don’t want saggy rootless children. It would be very useful if we could attach a gadget to a child and know just when to act. I am sure you would much rather think of your child as a `Luscious Strawberry’ than as a `wilting green bean’.

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