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Monday, January 28, 2008

Eleven Plus Preparation

We know that many of our Olympic athletes are off training in South Africa. I heard Denise Lewis talking about the training camp the other day. The first thing that she mentioned was the height above sea level. Apparently training at around 1500 feet is the good for the lungs. I hope this is correct – if an athlete trains too high above sea level then there is too much pressure on the blood and the lungs. Training too close to sea level does not harm the body – but is not conducive to winning two Olympic medals.

So now if 1500 feet is a good height for middle distance runners I wonder which height is best for other Olympic disciplines? It goes without saying that those involved in sailing need the sea to train at sea level.

The lucky few who take part in the pole vault may need to be a little higher than sea level.

Marathon runners do seem to enjoy high altitude training – witness the Kenyans and the Ethiopians who seem to flourish by running up and down mountainous tracks.

There are many different Olympic disciplines and each of them must require specialised training schedules. So this must lead us to trying to establish optimum conditions for Eleven Plus preparation.

Presumably the whole family should be able to take off the three months before the Examinations. This would provide the candidate (your son or daughter) with:


And finally, but not the least, a mother and father. We know that sea level would provide optimum conditions. Hot sun, the beach, gentle waves – lots of rum it all sounds idyllic. Some choices could be:

The Great Barrier Reef

As the day grows nearer there may be a need for a little altitude training. This would need to be near great skiing. How about:


This would help the family to come togther and start operating as a self contained unit. Naturally the candidate’s focus would start to improve.

Finally on the three days leading up to the examination the family should be encouraged to camp in the school grounds in large well equipped caravans. The children could walk over to the school hall and watch the chairs and tables being set up.

Naturally all this would need to be paid for by lottery money. After all just as Olympic athletes deserve the very best preparation – so do our children. If any parents would like to participate then please do not hesitate to contact us:

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