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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Eleven Plus Habit

This photograph was taken on the side of the road leading up to our Industrial Park where our Headquarters are situated. We can see that thousands of years have lead up to this moment in time. The soil and the vegetation are comparative newcomers.

I wonder how many of our bright and able Eleven Plus children will go on to enjoy studying topics like this during the course of their education.

“Oh yes, I know that his study habits need some work – but he can do it if he is in the mood.”

Examples of sound habits could cover:

Ability to perform with speed and accuracy
Pleasant speech
General cleanliness of the body

Desirable Eleven Plus Habits:

A moral, truthful and honest child
The ability to cope with bursts of constant repetition

Parents help build good habits by:

Providing access to good examples
Encouraging regular study
Understanding that study involves deeds as well as words

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