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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Careers Guidance and the Eleven Plus

Passing the eleven reveals a strategy for the acquisition, utilisation, improvement and retention of eleven plus information.

This statement brings out many of the features about what is good about the eleven plus. The words acquisition and utilisation show the wide scope of eleven plus information that a child needs to be able to call upon in the examination.

Of course there are going to be children who do not need to work through eleven plus exercises and papers. For other children financial restraints may make them less competitive.

We hope that the vast majority of eleven plus children will be able to enjoy life at university and will emerge as potential leaders. Some will be scholars, others business people and there will also be a wide range of young men and women with interests in the arts, science, technology, agriculture and the human sciences.

If only the eleven plus examination could help our bright ten year old children to explore and investigate some of these areas. The eleven plus relies heavily, in some areas, on reasoning topics – some of which are archaic and unwelcome.  

Is there no way some careers guidance can be woven into the eleven plus?