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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Eleven Plus Assumptions

The family are sitting round the table discussing the Eleven Plus.

Mother: I think we need to summarise. We know that you need some free time and you need to be able to meet your friends, but your education should be given a fair chance.

Father: What were your main areas of concern? Do you think that passing the examination will be beyond you? Are you worried that your friends will forget you if you do not meet them every week?

Candidate: It is not that. I know that you two are biased and that you want me to pass the eleven plus, but I am allowed to raise an argument. I know that the eleven plus is important, but so am I. I just do not think that I should have to do so much extra work every week.

Father: Your teacher at school predicted that you would probably do well in the eleven plus. What if we said that we will try to work with you to build an eleven plus schedule?

Mother: I can see you raising your hand ready to argue, but we have had some projects where we have completed our tasks on time and under budget.

Candidate:  There is no budget for me in this round of any eleven talks. You have never promised me any reward for working hard at eleven plus work.

Mother: Now you are making assumptions. Passing the eleven plus should be a reward in itself. We should not have to pay you to do any extra work.

Candidate: (Reverting to a natural state) See? I told you that you would never just listen to me.