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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eleven Plus Technology

Eleven plus children, and their parents, who are `into’ educational technology, may possibly, enjoy an advantage over other children. The influence of modern psychology is strong. There was a Professor Piaget who influenced much later thought on the behaviour and capability of children. He was focused on the need for orientation towards the learner. Piaget (1896 to 1980) also emphasised the importance of maturational factors.

At around the same time professor Skinner (1904 to 1990) was working on learning. He showed the world what could be done with an objective approach and an emphasis on a reward in the learning situation.

We can see key words emerging that could apply to at least some eleven plus children. A great number of eleven plus children will need to be:

Motivated to work in an objective manner
Able to enjoy the fruits of rewards for good work

Some elements of the eleven plus syllabus do not seem to have changed much over the last fifty years. What has changed is the ability to apply present day knowledge of multimedia to techniques of learning and teaching. Today’s educational technology is not just about turning on the computer and linking to a web site. Is more to do with the relationship between hardware and software and the resulting emergence of new types of thinking.  

The teaching revolution is not missing the eleven plus – and it can offer some children new and exciting ways of learning and assimilating knowledge