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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Eleven Plus Work on Sundays

Sometimes it may be useful to be able to clear your child’s mind about what he or she is trying to achieve. Passing the eleven plus does not depend on being able to answer a single question on a Sunday afternoon. We know that in the eleven plus examination a child’s ability will be `measured’ and `judged’ – but this, thank goodness, is not the same as struggling over some obscure question.

Eleven plus parents will dip in and out of different teaching and instruction modes in the course of an eleven plus session.

Knowledge Objectives
Can you recall the number of degrees in a triangle?
Can you recognise the difference between a similarity and an opposite?

Inquiry Objectives
Can you apply the number of degrees in a triangle to a question on degrees in a triangle?
Can you recognise the questions where similarity occurs?

Attitudes and Values
I can see that you are able to understand that there are one hundred and eighty degrees in a triangle and that you can apply this information.
You have shown good understanding of the questions with opposites.

Trying to build a list of objectives for an entire relationship with parents and children working towards a competitive examination would be demanding. Parents need to be able to evaluate the work that has been covered together. Repeating the exercise could give immediate feedback. Some eleven plus children, however, may begin to wriggle if everything they do is examined and re-examined.

For some the most difficult aspect to test will be that of attitudes and values.  Every time, however, that your child looks at you with a smile and a `Thank You!’, you will be able to reflect that perhaps everything will come right some day.