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Monday, March 19, 2012

Effective Eleven Plus Teaching

How can parents try to ensure that their child is being offered effective eleven plus teaching? In one sense it is easy for parents – the outcome they want is for their child to pass the eleven plus. The bar is raised even higher in some areas – where children have to pass the eleven plus and be offered a place in the grammar school of choice.

Parents have to try to gauge whether their child is being attentive and receptive to eleven plus work – and to work out in their own minds if their eleven plus teacher is pursuing an appropriate course of action.

When the child ends the lesson it would an ideal scenario if the candidate could turn to the `eleven plus parent’ and say: “That was wonderful, I learnt so much.” The cynic would argue that the statement would need to be backed up by a range of `wonderful’ eleven plus work.

The eleven plus, as countless parents no doubt have found, is far more than the physical resources of books, papers, tests, internet based exercises and other equipment. Parents may well have found that they need to plan and help their child prepare for the examination. Some parents may even have found themselves being caught up in a setting where large demands are made on the family.

If, however, parents can feel that they are part of mutually supportive team – with the eleven plus teacher, friends, family, other eleven plus parents and siblings all working together – then it may be easier to determine the effectiveness of the eleven plus teacher.