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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Eleven Plus Children

There is one thing that parents are trained in right from the beginning. This is where a mother or a father says: “I don’t mind what he or she does as long as he or she is happy.” Obviously parents want their children to enjoy reasonable success – but not at any price.

One theory in vocational guidance is where an attempt is made to match a talent to a career. This is reasonably straight forward, in theory, but does it mean if a bright ten year old is good at skate boarding he or she should be encouraged to try to study this at university? (I am not sure if there are skateboarding degrees.) Carrying this a little further does an interest and an aptitude in fresh water fishing mean that a degree in land management is a good idea?

A different way of parents looking at possible careers is where a non-directive approach is made to counselling. Here the parent would try to help their child build as comprehensive picture as possible. The hope is that the insight the child gains over time gives the equipment to be able to choose a fulfilling occupation.

Naturally there are a number of factors a parent takes into account when looking fondly at their child.

Top of the list may be physical characteristics. This, of course, will be rubbished by some. Who knows?

General intelligence must also come into the equation.

Aptitudes and interests will also play a part.

Finally the child’s disposition must be taken into account.

All in all endless discussions, changes of mind and mood swings, will help to determine the path parents will follow as they maintain: I don’t mind what he or she does as long as he or she is happy.”